Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back in the Saddle

After a blogging break, I'm ready to go!  The holidays and general blahs and tiredness kinda killed my mojo there for a bit.  I managed to eek out a small project that I wnated to share.

I love thrifting and I've found some pretty awesome stuff over the years. One thing I ALWAYS look for is interesting art. I generally come up empty-handed in that department; Raleigh seems to have a lot of 80's poster prints getting emceremoniously dumped. However, I keep my eye on the frames.  Custom framing is beaucoup bucks and a nice frame + mat can be repurposed easily.

I found this gold frame with a textured mat with gold trim at a thrift in Marion, NC a few months back. It held a faded botanical print that was nothing special.  After letting it sit in the corner for a bit, I was inspired last week to cook something up:

cheap art

With $0, I made an abstract painting on a piece of art paper from Michaels and some leftover sampler paint from the LowesDepot and slapped it into the frame. Insta-class, right? My living room might be mistaken for a high end gallery.

cheap art

(That plastic socket cover has GOT TO go). 

Do you re-use frames?  What's your fave frame source?