Monday, March 12, 2012

Mah Rug's Here

eBay rug has lived here with us for a few weeks and I like it.  I had a hard time finding one at least 14' long but only 30" wide and that wasn't an arm and a leg. This is a new wool rug so it's not all worn and yummy and vintage like I would prefer but with two people and two animals walking on it daily, it should flatten our and start to get a patina (can I use the word patina in reference to a textile? probably not).

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Doors!

Our house, built in 1963, came into our possession in a semi-original state. The original hardwoods are intact upstairs, the funny little doorbell chime box is still there and a few of the light fixtures have come around the bend into vintage-cool territory again.

However, our interior doors were in *bad* shape. They were those lovely flat panel, hollow core jobbers that were really closer cardboard panels than doors. They were also undercut at some point to accommodate browny-green shag carpeting. In the 1970s when people were on such huge quantities of drugs that shag carpeting in unnatural colors was in. I knew the doors had to go.

I ordered some doors from Lowes and we had our handyperson come over and hand them for us.  A job that's best left to the pros, IMHO.

Yay!  Real, solid, sound-blocking doors!  I'm all growned up!  I am in the process of painting them all Doves Cry.  I love the soft gray so much I might consider this color for our kitchen cabinets once we're ready to jump into that project.