Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blue Grasscloth Wallpaper - Installed!!

Our hall bath has been a work in progress since we moved it. There was a lot of vintage white tile (in fab shape) but the drywall was in sad shape The previous owner had SPONGE PAINTED the walls. Ick. Not only did it make our 1960s kitschy-cool bathroom look like it had been teleported to 1986, it left a terrible bumpy texture on the walls and no matter how I tried to resurface them, they just looked cruddy.

House 027
House 025
House 026


What I've done:
*Blue grasscloth wallpaper (yes, I know, grasscloth in a bath is a nono but I don't care.)
*New vanity with granite top
*Embroidered Target shower curtain
*Framed Furbish napkin
*Framed vintage paint-by-number
*Fuzzy gray bathmat
*Replaced fixtures
*Swapped out outlet covers

So much better, yes?  I am officially done with this room.  I swear.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

World Market Finds

One of my favorite easy-access sources is World Market. Remember when it was just Cost Plus and sold mostly imported foodstuffs? Along the way it's morphed into more of a "lifestyle" store, and a stylish one at that.  Although you can still get those darned papasan chairs there.

They have some really cute stuff right now:


The pouf is indoor/outdoor!  So smart.  I covet that bookcase. It would be nice in my office. And the four-piece patio set is $199?  A steal.

*this is not an ad, I just really like World Market.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Affordable Fabric Resource: Tonic Living

I have been on the hunt for some affordable fabric for drapes for the master BR. I am slowly moving through the house and re-hanging all my drapes much higher and wider than the windows they cover. I made the mistake when I first moved in to hang all my hardware right above the top of the window. Rookie error - taller and wider drapes make a ceiling feel taller. I learned that from the DIY geniuses over at YoungHouseLove.

Ok, back to finding affordable fabric. I need about 11 yards (yikes) so anything over about $10/yard was going to be a budget buster.

Alors! TonicLiving to the rescue!  A Canadian-based company, they offer samples for $1 and surprisingly speedy shipping. Color me impressed.

 I've settled on Quatrefoil in Cream from TonicLiving. At $8.95/yard it's more affordable than most clearance fabrics I can find.  They also custom-make draperies that look really great, too.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Raleigh Fabric Stores

I've been on the hunt for a good localish source for home decor fabrics at decent prices for some time. Here in the rich land of textiles, ironically, there aren't a whole lot. I hear tell of an awesome place near Charlotte, and there's an outlet off 40 near Burlington, NC I haven't had a chance to check those out yet.

Closer afield here in the Triangle, I found Mill Outlet Village. I'm not sure it's really an "outlet", it's pretty nice inside and well organized and merchandised. Fabrics are categorized into upholstery, drapery and they carry foam, accessories and lots of trims, too.

Most drapery fabrics were in the $15-$25 range with a few over $40/yard. They do have a small clearance section as well, priced from $5-$10/yard.

I LOVED this, I think it's was around  $18/yard. The colors aren't quite right for my bedroom but maybe I'll find a use for it elsewhere.


The middle fabric has really pretty embroidered scrolls. This comes in several other colorways, too. I think it was a little less than $40/yard, which is too rich for my blood. I need at least 6 yards for no-sew drapes.


Trianglites and other North Carolinians, what places should I check out?

Friday, May 6, 2011

New Target Collaboration

Missoni for Target!

I've been underwhelmed by Target's past collaborations with designers, so I am keeping my expectations low on this.  But I love that stripey throw in the photo above. I haven't checked out the Target Calypso stuff yet though I am hearing "eh" reviews.

Their zig zag stripe is pretty chic in almost any application, no?