Monday, June 25, 2012

Kitchen Planning

Hopefully, soon, very soon, we'll be ripping out our hideous kitchen and starting over.  It's not *that* bad, really, but it's a pretty unworkable space and 2 people trying to cook at the same time is pretty much a nightmare.

So, we're saving pennies and planning.  Here's where I am right now:

I scored this gently used Five Star range from CL - gas cooktop and electric oven with a built in griddle. It's insanely heavy - I dread the day it's got to come up the stairs; it's currently chilling in our carport cleverly disguised with an old sheet.

Digging this Glacier White granite. I think it's also called River White. It has little flecks of red, which look like natural garnets. I like Silestone, too, but it's going to be out of the budget.

I was leaning towards a light grey or white cabinet, but these navy lowers are so sharp! I wonder if I would tire of them easily?

I want mostly open shelving uppers, which will be a lighter color or natural wood. I think that will balance the rich navy lowers nicely.  I may shave a few pennies off by trying some kind of IKEA shelving options here.  I can hear my husband groaning across town at this DIY idea.

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