Friday, August 17, 2012

Tear it Down (Kitchen Demo Details)

We started by removing the cabinet doors, relocating the fridge to the kitchen and figuring how to shut off the water.  The plumbing under the sink was a bit of a disaster so through trial and error we managed to unhook the water sources for the fridge, dishwasher, faucet and disposal. Jake hates plumbing and he grumbled through the whole thing while I played Cindy Cheerleader.

P1030543 As we pulled wall cabinets down, we discovered the original pink laminate back splash. I think the entire thing was PINK! Wowzers.


Then we turned to removing the wall over and cabinetry surrounding it. It came out pretty easily and I was happy to discover drywall behind the cabinets, I was half-expecting to see open studs. 

The VIT (very important tools) for this project can be seen here: our reciprocating saw and "wonderbar", AKA pry bar. Those things, plus a sledgehammer, made this shebang pretty simple. 

On day 2, we turned to removing the drywall and framing around the pantry. This looked a little daunting, as it was built solid as a rock. We used the reciprocating saw and sledgehammer to remove the framing; with a few whacks and cuts, it went more smoothly than expected. P1030555
P1030557 By the end of the day Sunday, we had the room totally cleared and ready for the flooring dudes to come first thing Monday morning!

Next up: laying new hardwoods and refinishing the adjoining dining room.

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