Sunday, September 9, 2012

Custom Cabinets in Cary

So not much has happened on the kitchen project in the last couple of weeks. We did get the gas line put in and electrical updates completed. There are some holes in the walls that need to be patched, sanded and primed. Hoping to get our handyman in this week to get that finished up! 

Last week I did get a peek at our cabinetry! Believe it or not, custom cabs were cheaper than the quotes I got at big box stores. I would have explored IKEA options, but our "local" IKEA is in Charlotte, over 2 hours away, and it seemed like too much work to ensure our order would be accurate, plus I don't have the patience for DIY installation.

We found a great custom cabinetry maker who helped us with a vanity for our hall bath last year.  His work is great and cost-effective, too! Without any further ado:
Kitchen cabs
I chose a simple shaker style and picked a soft, creamy white with a touch of gray from Benjamin Moore Pale Oak. I am so happy with it!

Kitchen cabs
Kitchen cabs
I am only using two upper cabinets and keeping the rest of the shelving open. I have read positive and negative reviews of open shelving in the kitchen but I love the look and I think it's going to keep the kitchen more open and less claustrophobic. 

Hoping we can get these installed NEXT WEEK! (Although that seems slightly unlikely, more like the week after that).

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Thanks for this nice post. I have read the whole post. Nice bed & bath collection with furniture.