Saturday, February 20, 2010

My drapes came! Well, they came last week but I had to have Jake help (read: just do) re-hang the hardware higher on the wall because I bought 96" length. 84" would have been too short. i am convincing myself the room looks bigger in order to justify the high cost of the longer length. They still pool a bit on the floor but in what I hope appears to be an I-totally-meant-to-have-my-drapes-drag manner.

The other notable update is the paint. It's now Oyster by Behr. I don't know what manner of hallucinogenic I was ingesting when I went with a boring beigy brown last year. I have generally bad taste in paint colors (save the master bedroom). Note to self: just copy what color you like from the shelter mags, you cannot be trusted in front of the wall of LowesDepot paint chips.

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