Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bath Mini-Renovation

Our hall bath is what I lovingly refer to as "retro". Our home was built in the early 60s so we have the ubiquitous mid-century colored tile baths. The guest one is blue and white. Our master was lavender and white, although it was renovated before we bought the house. Why do I know the tile was lavender? I've been picking it out of the yard for almost 2 years! The reno people didn't do the best clean up job.

In any case, the vanity needs to go. I think it's original and is sporting a billion coats of white paint. It's worn, ugly, too low and plain old tired. I mean, look:

I actually like the blue and white tile.  It's in fabulous shape for nearly 50 years of wear!

How many layers of paint can you put on a hinge before it stops working?  I think the previous owners were going for some kind of record.

It's an odd size: 51".  Not stock.  So I'm looking into custom options. I want to replace the whole thing a new unit with the same footprint.  The tile doesn't continue under the vanity so we'd have to re-tile if we installed a smaller one and I'd be pretty nervous about finding matching blue tile.

I'm shooting for a look like this:

via This Old House

via DecorPad

I'll see how the quotes come in and then decide.  But now it's in my brain and I am a one-track kinda gal.

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wishful nals said...

we're (hopefully) embarking on a bath renovation soon! xo!