Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lands' End Canvas

Last week, I took advantage of a sale at clothing retailer Lands’ End. I don’t typically shop there but they were offering an additional 25% off end-of-summer sale prices and there were some serious markdowns to be had.

I placed my order, received my items and was happy. A few days after my items were delivered, a small brown note card arrived in my mail box hand-addressed to me. Inside was a hand-written thank you* from Carol, a customer care specialist at Lands’ End. The note praised my choice of an orange cotton cardigan and includes an email address for any feedback I have about the products.

Wow! From a biggish brand like Lands’ End, this personal touch really impressed me.

*I was inclined to think it was a really good print job, but this blogger received a card and the handwriting and content are different.  Looks like a real person is writing them!

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caroline said...

I like the Canvas line, but I find their sizing insulting.