Thursday, December 23, 2010

Things I Love in LA

Despite planting roots in North Carolina, I'm a California girl at heart.  Born and bred in northern CA, I have close ties to southern CA, too. We're heading out there for Christmas this year so I thought I'd showcase some of my favorite places and things to do in Los Angeles:

Bob's Big Boy in Burbank.  One of the last original restaurants, this place is the OG diner experience:

See's Candy is my favorite sweets shop.  Sure, you can get it out here at the holidays, but it's not the same. The black and white shops are always a highlight of a visit back to California. My favorites are too numerous to mention -- I love scotchmallows, bourdeauxs and anything with nougat and nuts!


The LA Farmers Market (adjacent to the Grove shopping center) has a great donut shop. Jake was taken with this pink iced number.

The hike in the hills of Los Feliz and the Griffith Observatory is great. Views of the city and the Hollywood sign make it a fun way to get some exercise.

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