Monday, February 28, 2011

Mid Century Chandelier Finds a Home

My kinda cool mid-century chandelier that was hanging in the dining room has found a new home. Original to the house ('64), both Jake and I liked it, just not in the dining room. I removed it a few weeks back to hang a drum pendant from Overstock.

Here it is hanging in the dining room with strange black glass discs affixed to it. Ugly dust traps those were.

Now it lives in the guest BR, which had a cheap, dim dome light. The bulb had to warm up, creating an ambiance akin to a Romanian jail cell.

Here's it's new home:

I'm going to add some simple natural linen chandelier shades from Lowes to give it a bit more personality. I bought one to test out and I think it's going to work. These are about $4 each, almost fitting into my budget of $0!

Make it work!

I'm getting king shams monogrammed right now in lime green (whee) and then I think I need to call it done in the guest BR.


slaint said...

i love how you are so creative and arty with decorating your house!! i'm trying to do a similar wall to the one pictured in the guest bedroom - but mine will be india photos, cian photos and some wedding photos... but am worried they will all have the same frame/matting.. need to mix it up a bit i think! any thoughts?!

Chelsea said...


I think a bunch of matching frames and mats is a great way to unify a gallery wall. Sometimes people try to mix and match too much and it looks all jumbled up.

I LOVE Ribba frames from IKEA in white. I buy them in bulk.