Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lighting at Lowes

I was pleasantly surprised by the Lowes lighting section during my last spin through the store. Sure, they still have tons of McMansion style stuff, but there are some really decent options to be had at reasonable prices, too.

Cool, Moroccan-ish pendant:

$99 Chandelier.  Would be cute in a closet or bath.

Not a fan of the black/white flocked drum item below but I do like the nickel chandy with the 3 drum shades next to it.

An other neat glass pendant:

But YIKES to the 80's style square glass number for $158. WHO would pay for that when those are a dime a dozen at the thrifts?


The other home improvement mega-chain, Home Depot, has a cruddy selection of lighting, though. What gives? Martha, you gots some pull there, design some nice looking lamps for the little people.

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