Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Before and After Mid Century Dresser

A few months back, I picked up this dresser from a yard sale in my neighborhood. It was pretty banged up but was sturdy and had nice, clean lines. We already have a mid-century chest in our bedroom with a very similar feel.

Here's where I started: 

Yikes, this top was beyond salvaging: 

Primer + spray paint and new pulls really helped this little piece out:

Hickory Hardware pulls in brushed nickel ordered from Home Depot (free shipping, yay)!

The total cost of this upcycle was about $70 bucks
  • $30 dresser
  • $35 pulls
  • $5 spray paint

I'm happy with it although it's nothing special. I am going to find some cute drawer liner and move (my underthings and tshirts) right in!


Anonymous said...

Did you have to sand? I have an old dresser that I have been wanting to update but don't want to create a mess. It already has pulls, but I would like to replace them.


Brand New and Beautiful said...

@Janet I did lightly sand the top and drawer fronts because the finish was damaged. I also primed pretty well. Good luck!