Monday, August 15, 2011

Dressing up Hollow Core Doors

Inspired by Jenny's door spruce up, I decided I try my hand at fixing up our blah hollow core doors. Actually, I need to replace all of them because they were undercut to allow for some (long gone) shag carpeting. The gap drives me nuts!

Our bathroom door, however, is the right height so it can stay. This will be my experiment! 

I used a miter box to cut my trim pieces (from Home Depot) in 16" widths and 12" height:


I used this adhesive to glue my pieces to the door:

I picked up one of the caulk smoothers to fill in any gaps:

Ready for paint!


I chose a yummy color, Martha Stewart's Terra Rosa:

As you can tell, it reads much more coral in real life than dusty pink:

Now I get to rehang it (yikes) and find some new hardware.

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Durrett Family Band said...

Brilliant. What a great pop of color.