Monday, August 29, 2011

If you haven't had enough of my entry yet...

I know, I'm kinda obsessed with it. I decided to try a DIY stair runner. There are only 5 steps from the front door to the 1st level so I figured I could handle the installation. 


I picked a flat weave wool rug off Overstock (or, I guess it's "O.Co" now). It's about 2.7" by 10 feet, which left me about 12" of length.  It's flipped over the top step here and I think I might secure it down and leave it rather than try to cut the wool.  I also used some carpet padding on each step for softness.

Entry Runner

As you can see, I used a staple gun to nail this baby down. Just keeping it real around here. I'm going to add some black-finish nail heads to hide the staples for a finishing touch.

Entry stair runner

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caroline said...

I wondered how you were going to do it--if you were actually going to get the runner bars or what. It looks good!