Monday, November 7, 2011

Possible Kitchen Remodel?

Despite not *really* having a budget in place quite yet, I'm planning our kitchen remodel.

I've asked a local cabinet maker to help me come up with a plan and price out some custom work. I'm hoping he's budget friendly and I can spend my money locally rather than with a big-box store. (On a side note, I think all of the cabinetry at Lowe's and HD is made in the USA. I know Martha's line is made right here in NC!)

Here's my plan as it stands now:
Junget_Kitchen 3d view_3

The colors are wonky -- my cabinetry will likely be a creamy white and the floors are TBD.  The style I want to mimic is the Ox Hill line from Martha Stewart.

Junget_Kitchen 3d view_2

Junget_Kitchen 3d view_1
I wish I could center my sink under the window but the dishwasher throws everything off. Darn 1963 kitchens with no ability to foretell future evolutions in technology!

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