Monday, November 14, 2011

Tear Down

The wall, is tumbling down...

Well, not the whole thing. But a significant portion of it. This wall separates our kitchen and dining room and I don't know why. In the early 60's, when our house was built, "open plans" didn't really exist and formal dining rooms actually were used.

In order to make both rooms seem bigger and connected, we're opening up the doorway separating them so it's about 7' wide.  I taped off the area that is dunzo (before I ran out of tape) to get an idea of what it will feel like.


From the other angle... Interesting side note on our wall oven spied there in the background.  It used to be pink!  There's some paint flaking off at the bottom and pink enamel is hiding underneath!  I love that someone put PINK appliances in!  When we demo out the kitchen, I'm going to peel off the white and revel in the pinkiness for a few days.
Other side of the dining room as it stands now.  I'm toying with perhaps wallpapering that wall as well, but I'll wait on that decision for now.  My chains are getting old.

First week of December and this baby's a goner!

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