Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Demolition (Wo)man

The kitchen remodel marches onward.  Phase I is underway: taking out the wall separating the dining and kitchen.  It divides the space into two small, dark areas that don't work well together.

My new favorite tool is the sledgehammer and "wonder bar", the black and yellow item visible on the counter. Those two items fueled this weekend's demo project, plus a Sawzall wielded by Jake.


Taking down the top cabinets was pretty easy with the wonder bar and a little muscle:


We discovered some old 80's wallpaper under the cabinets.  I was hoping to find some super cool stuff from the 60's, but not so!


The faux granite countertop came off with a couple of whacks from underneath with the sledgehammer and went to a good Craigslist home that same afternoon.

Next up: let's (get a professional to) cut a hole in that wall!!

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Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Wow, I wish our stuff came out that easily. Stupid plaster weighs a ton! Removing that wall is going to look fabulous.