Friday, July 16, 2010

Let's Hit the Campaign Trail

Ok, I know flash photos are a no-no but I had to show off my latest CL score! Here in NC, pickins can be slim when it comes to furniture that's not straight out of 1989. Or particleboard stuff from Walmart. Another hot design style is country clutter. So I was happy to have randomly clicked on a listing for a set of campaign-style dressers. I swear, when I have the patience to dig, CL almost always delivers!

There was a short dresser and a nightstand, too, but they were spoken for. So I settled for this tall chest. Getting it home in my compact sedan was a bit of an adventure but with the station wagon rolling out to KY this weekend to see The Dude, I had no choice.

Did you know that campaign furniture was always made in separate parts to make it more portable? Clever!

Back to my find - I may repaint but I'm going to live with it for a bit. it's in the guest BR, which is in cream, green and brown so it actually kinda coordinates as-it!


Durrett Family Band said...

Cool piece. I think the colors are neat.

Jessie said...

I randomly came across your blog. I live in Raleigh and I think I was the person who was going to get the other 2 pieces. I ended up not getting them becasue I found something else. So random. I think he still has the other 2 pieces.