Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Parrots of CASA HV

Last week I talked about a great source for frameable prints - oversize calendars! The Taschen parrot 2010 is awesome and less than $6 on Amazon. Not kidding! It's printed on heavy, textured stock and is even perfed so you can tear off the calendar-y parts easily.

Here are my results:

The print's a bit of an awkward size - 13.5" x 16" so I went with a 16" x 20" floating frame from Target. No custom frame or mat required!

Hanging below is a framed piece of gift wrap (the flat sheets hanging on racks) from Paper Source. I've been hanging onto for years. It's a vintage map of Paris in an IKEA frame. I have another snippet of the same map hanging in the bedroom.

I'm 3 hours away from an IKEA, my usual source for affordable frames. But Target has some excellent options, too. Why pay more?


Emily A. Clark said...

Love this idea! Thanks for the tip.

Lauren said...

That's a really good idea!
And I love the header on your blog - "Everything such as..." haha! :)