Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Drapery Hooks, or, I am an Idiot

I had not a clue what these were for:

drapery hooksUntil the other night. Backstory: I had ordered some PB drapes for the living room. Because I'm not familiar with "nicer" drapes, I had no clue what the metal hooks that came with them were for. I knew they had something to do with attaching the drapes to the rod but beyond that I was stumped. So I hung my drapes with the ring clips I'd purchased and went on my merry way. it looked ok, but lacked the professional look of fancy-schmancy houses with big old fluffy decorator-hung drapes.

Here's what they looked right after I hastily hung them back in February:
See how the top looks all sloppy and just, well, sad? Not the result you want for such a lovely print.

I was lying on the sofa looking at the tops of the drapes as I am wont to do and it hit me like a ton of bricks: the hooks attach to the rings, which then attach to the rod. DUH! (And to think I am college grad.)

(Beware, here be bad nighttime with flash pics)
pb drapesThis is how you do it!! I guess if i were a perfectionist I would remove the clips but they don't show at all so why bother?

drapery hooksSee, isn't that better? I hope someone learns from my idiocy!

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