Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pelmet Helmet

All the design/DIY/home blogland was a-flitter lately about the pelmet box tutorial over on LGN. I was stoked to see a DIY project that began with cardboard! I love me some cardboard, staple guns and batting!

My results are OK, nothing special. I went wrong with using a patterned fabric - getting it straight and even was a challenge. (BTW, I used a 100% cotton shower curtain!) The final result is flimsy so I wouldn't recommend this for a room where the drapes or blinds underneath will be used all the time. Not the fault of anyone's tutorial, more like my crappy DIY skills!

Aesthetic Oiseau has a great tutorial for making one of plywood, which will certainly last longer and likely yield more professional results than cardboard! Looks easy enough if you are of the woodworking sort. I might re-do this one eventually in wood if I decide I love the look.

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