Monday, August 23, 2010

Entry Wallpaper

I've been a little more than obsessed about wallpaper lately. My old posts covered a few patterns and types of paper I investigated. Initially, I considered removable wallpaper from Tempaper and then moved onto ogling "regular" paper but DIY-ing installation. Thankfully, I snapped into reality and realized that this is way beyond my skill level. Folks who hang their own with great success must have a special level of craftiness that I don't possess.

Then I ordered about a billion samples from Graham & Brown. They have lovely patterns in all styles and semi-reasonable prices. I actually found my pattern (Elinor) somewhere else ever slightly cheaper.
It comes in several other colorways.

So, I saved my pennies and called in an installer to put it in my split level entry.

In love. I know what designers and decorators mean when they say splurge on one high-drama piece for a room. It does make a difference.


Design Girl AZ ... Vicki Bergelt, Allied Member ASID said...

good to realize your weaknesses.....I wouldn't even attempt installing wallpaper, especially when I want it right!!
The floral looks great and adds the perfect statement!

mary said...

wow! pretty!