Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bath progress

Granite samples came into our life over the weekend. The imminent arrival of the new vanity means we need to figure out what kind of top make sense. The dark shade is nice but it has big old chunks of ambery/brown in it which don't really jive in this room.

Here's what we're working with. The blue/white tiles are dated, I know.  But they are in great shape so there's no sense in ripping them out.  I painted the gray stripes to give the room a little interest.  I may just go all the way with the gray one day.  There is a *lot* of white in this room.


So, of the three samples we brought home, the gray/white makes the most sense:

I like the brown and cream but it doesn't work in this room.  I wonder if I can find a similar look with gray instead of brown?

There's a different stone place near my work so I may run over at lunch and see what I can see.


ebw said...

a) we have the same SF poster but in green and white--how did you frame yours?

b) i know you didn't ask for opinions on it, but hey, you know me....i'm over granite. i think it will look dated in not too long.

c) i think i read somewhere online that you can paint tile OR they make these things that you apply over them to give them a new look. but yours really aren't bad.

d) i miss you, girl.

C said...

If you could find one that's a single shade of grey, perhaps that would work? I've seen a kind that looks almost like smooth cement. It would complement your smart grey lines really well!