Monday, October 18, 2010

Fabric Samples

I intend to recover my headboard in the guest room.  It's currently a mushroom-y shade in that microfiber/ultrasuede fabric that is just dreadful.  Be gone from the world microfiber!

My chosen samples from Premier Prints came yesterday after nearly 2 weeks (a bit of a long wait for  samples, IMHO).  They are a nice, heavy weight cotton and the samples are generous.

I love the yellow/white stripes but it's a too whimsical.  It would be really fun in a kids room.

The yellow/gray diamonds are nice, but not right for this project.   The animal-esque print photographs well and you can't go wrong with a little animal print.  Or pink.  And it will pop nicely against the taupe wall.

The green print is pretty but I'm not sure I *love* it.  It's a tad busy. What do you think?


ebw said...

i like the green and the yellow--maybe even prefer the yellow, which i think could look cool and grown up if you kept it simple but maybe put buttons on in the style of the current headboard, but in a chic black.

Kate@TwentySixToLife said...

I actually really like the yellow. I think it could look really great.