Monday, October 4, 2010

Finally - Guest BR Progress!

After painting, repainting and some not-to-be-discussed boneheaded moves - I've finished the wall color in the guest bedroom. I used Shenandoah Taupe by Benjamin Moore that I came across on the mistints rack.


I didn't intend to spend much on this project but you buy one thing, then another and then that doesn't work so you go another direction and probably $400 later I'm satisfied enough to slow down a bit.


  • Paint: $11
  • Tufted headboard: $100 on CL (I'm going to recover it)
  • Chair: Already had it but I think I paid $30 at the thrift
  • Mirror: $20
  • Campaign dresser: $100 on CL (Will also be painted)
  • Rug: Already had it, I think I paid $100 on eBay (West Elm)
  • Drapes: $45 from West Elm
  • Bedside tables: $80 both from local unfinished wood store
  • Pillow: $17
  • Bedding: Already had, duvet from IKEA a billion years ago
  • Lamps: $14 for both at thrift, spray painted Krylon's Ivy Leaf
  • Shades: $5/ea at Ollies, originally from Target
  • Flower art: $80 for both (re-purposed from dining room)


1 comment:

Durrett Family Band said...

It looks amazing! When do I get to come visit and try it out?