Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blue Grasscloth Wallpaper - Installed!!

Our hall bath has been a work in progress since we moved it. There was a lot of vintage white tile (in fab shape) but the drywall was in sad shape The previous owner had SPONGE PAINTED the walls. Ick. Not only did it make our 1960s kitschy-cool bathroom look like it had been teleported to 1986, it left a terrible bumpy texture on the walls and no matter how I tried to resurface them, they just looked cruddy.

House 027
House 025
House 026


What I've done:
*Blue grasscloth wallpaper (yes, I know, grasscloth in a bath is a nono but I don't care.)
*New vanity with granite top
*Embroidered Target shower curtain
*Framed Furbish napkin
*Framed vintage paint-by-number
*Fuzzy gray bathmat
*Replaced fixtures
*Swapped out outlet covers

So much better, yes?  I am officially done with this room.  I swear.

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