Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Affordable Fabric Resource: Tonic Living

I have been on the hunt for some affordable fabric for drapes for the master BR. I am slowly moving through the house and re-hanging all my drapes much higher and wider than the windows they cover. I made the mistake when I first moved in to hang all my hardware right above the top of the window. Rookie error - taller and wider drapes make a ceiling feel taller. I learned that from the DIY geniuses over at YoungHouseLove.

Ok, back to finding affordable fabric. I need about 11 yards (yikes) so anything over about $10/yard was going to be a budget buster.

Alors! TonicLiving to the rescue!  A Canadian-based company, they offer samples for $1 and surprisingly speedy shipping. Color me impressed.

 I've settled on Quatrefoil in Cream from TonicLiving. At $8.95/yard it's more affordable than most clearance fabrics I can find.  They also custom-make draperies that look really great, too.

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