Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Costa Rica

Geared up for zip-line touring!

Hiking through the Monteverde Cloud Forest. The source of this stream was just a few meters farther up.

La Fortuna waterfall near Arenal.

Approaching Arenal. We had one remarkably clear day and 2 totally socked in with clouds. Glad we got to see the cone!

Our Daihatsu Bego. I think it might have been powered by a riding mower engine.


Durrett Family Band said...

Your winter break looks a little more exciting than mine, I have to say. The pictures are beautiful.

Why does it always make me laugh when I see someone wearing a helmet?

Brand New and Beautiful said...

Helmets are really funny. Jake's looked ridic because he has a big head. It was like a baby helmet on him.