Monday, January 25, 2010

Quiet here on the home front. I've been doing some painting and waiting for the crown molding I ordered to come in so I can put it in the master BR. Hopefully I will have that to show off next weekend!

A few months ago we did *finally* replace the kitchen door. It was original from 1965 and made out of what appeared to be heavy-grade cardboard. A burly preschooler could have kicked it down.

It has the blinds embedded in the panes of glass which are nice; I can choose how much privacy and light I want. We had Lowe's install it--we really need to find a handyperson.

We also painted the kitchen to a sunny yellow. It was bright blue when we moved in. Why the previous owners decided on this color when the cabinets, floor and countertops are neutral and faux-stone is just beyond me:

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