Monday, January 11, 2010

Wknd progress

Our home has some quirks - some great and some hideous. These Godawful brass light fixtures graced the hall and guest bedroom. These are practically the cheapest fixtures available in LowesDepot and they sure look it. The one in the guest bedroom was even falling apart at the (poorly soldered) seams, threatening to rain glass shards down on our unsuspecting guests. Welcome to our home, care for a scratched cornea? Ugh. Brass.

I finally convinced Jake that we could easily DIY this job and picked up some rubbed bronze flushmounts today. They are also cheap but much classier, no? After a small amount of CFL bulb drama, we triumphed!


Durrett Family Band said...

We changed almost all of the light fixtures in our old home. It made such a big difference. I like your choice. Big improvement.

Heidi Jo said...

We have the lights you chose in a couple of our rooms too!