Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DIY Starburst Mirror

Inspired by some great DIY tutorials online, I figured I could make one myself. I wanted a big piece for the open wall in my dining room and I didn't want to spend much.

I started with a round mirror from HomeGoods that I already had and a bundle of bamboo from Michael's purchased for about $5 using a 50% coupon. A cheapo hot glue gun affixed the bamboo to the back of the frame.  I just free handed the whole thing.  Plan?  Me? Never!

I ended up with this.  It's enormous - at least 5' in diameter. I didn't really measure my bamboo, just eyeballed it and it was pretty uneven:

I took my plant trimmers to the ends and tried to even it out the best I could:

The glaring difference between the gold mirror and the polished nickel light fixture is pretty obvious from this angle. I'm thinking of spray painting it a glossy navy blue. I'll live with this for a few weeks and then decide what to do.

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Shanna P. said...

Awesome! I totally want to borrow that idea!