Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paint it Green

This ugly monstrosity has been sitting on our backyard for the two years we've owned the house. It's actually useful, despite the caving-in floor. We keep random garden stuff and our lawnmower in it.  And with no budget to replace it, let's just paint it!

Painting the ugly shed

But dang, why did someone use what appears to be DUCT TAPE on it? Why? It left ugly rusty marks.

A half gallon of exterior paint and primer later, we've got this:

Painting the ugly shed

Painting the ugly shed

It's still an ugly, but it isn't the hideous eyesore it was before. Now, to fix the caving-in floor so I don't break an ankle.

(I'll admit, we didn't paint the back or other side yet.  No one will see it so it's falling to the bottom of the to-do list.)

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