Friday, June 3, 2011

Puerto Rico

We went on a quick Memorial day getaway to the island of Puerto Rico! It was lovely (and hot) and we made the best of it despite losing a day to some terrible weather.  RDU delayed and cancelled flights due to some terrible thunderstorms.  We would have missed our connection in the ATL so we had to come back the next day for another flight (boo).  

Once we arrived, all was well and we explored the old area of San Juan on foot for a day.  The colors are so very pretty. In fact, the whole island is more colorful that you'd expect. A big old box of crayons in some places, really.  

San Cristobal 

We were able to balance a little sightseeing with some Caribbean sea-soaking too. 

Crystal blue waters. Mangroves #puertorico

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