Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Aminal Print

Finally ordered some of the Tazo print for the headboard re-upholstery project I have no business spending money on. After this, I'm calling the guest BR done. I swear. Really. If anyone needs an upholsterer rec for North Carolina, I'm happy to pass along who I use. They pick up/drop off which is a huge plus and the prices seem pretty fair.

Because I'm obsessed with printed pillows right now, here are three more Etsy finds that I love:

Be Still Shop


Turquoise Tumbleweed


Megan said...

yes please, I would love a referral to an upholstery person in the area!! btw... so fun to connect with a local blogger, looking forward to following along!

Brand New and Beautiful said...

@megan, I use Sugar Hill. I don't know where the actual shop is but they make delivery/pick up runs to the Triangle all the time.

Tammy@InStitches said...

I love the fabric you picked and can't wait to see it on your headboard ! Just found you via effortlss style.