Friday, November 12, 2010

JCrew Brides

JCrew is hitting the bridal market hard. They have a wide selection of dresses now, although I find them pretty overpriced and blah, for the most part. They stick more glitter and sequins on t-shirts over there than the bridal wear. 

Though, this is lovely:

I also like this, though on my figure I'd look twice as wide:

And what's up with this pose?  This bride looks like she needs a good steak and a couple hours of sun.

Would you buy a JCrew dress? 


Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...


A friend wore a J. Crew dress for her wedding and I didn't think it draped well at all (it was a flowly, Grecian style dress). It also wrinkled pretty badly throughout the night.

I live near the J. Crew factory and have seen most of the gowns in person. They're nice and they were priced well about two years ago. They have raised their prices a bit, it seems. At the recent warehouse sale in my town, I got to check out some newer dresses. They were nice and well priced at the sale, but I wouldn't pay over $1000 for any of them.

Aleah said...

I bought a J Crew dress for my wedding (I wanted something very simple and classic) but they sent the wrong dress after waiting for it on backorder. After a few months and then receiving the wrong dress I gave up and bought a different one on eBay. I do love some of their styles though! :)

Brand New and Beautiful said...

@Jeannine, I ordered a dress from eBay when I was planning my wedding and the drape was bad.

@Aleah, I think they got a little too popular, too fast. Too many orders to handle, perhaps?

LindsB said...

They are pretty online, but I'm with the others on the style and quality, I'm not sure they would look the same on a non-model looking girl. But, then again I wuold have to see them all in person :)