Monday, November 1, 2010


I've been searching for a visual tool to make searching on Craiglist easy. You'd think it would have been invented a million years ago, but every tool I found didn't work so well or seemed to be defunct.

My dining chairs are one of my favorite CL finds
In comes CraigsEasy, an app you add to your toolbar that lets you convert a Craigslist search into easy-to-see image searches!  Hooray, my prayers have been answered!  Now I can search to my little hearts content without having to guess what lies behind each poorly-written headline.

The app is a tiny bit tricky.  Install it on your browser, run a CL search as you normally would, then hit the "easy" button and it rearranges your search, photos first!

My CL sofa
Thanks to this post on Three Men and a Lady alerting me to this super-duper resource!


Allison Roba said...

Thank you for posting this! I believe you have just rocked my world a bit ;-)

ebw said...

if you have one of those fancy phones, there are free apps for this...

Brand New and Beautiful said...

@EBW - which one do you use?