Friday, June 17, 2011

What I Am Doing This Weekend - Dropcloth Rug

I am going to make a dropcloth rug for our covered deck. Outdoor rugs are pricey for what is essentially a big piece of plastic. Although PB has an AWESOME one right now.

Because our deck is covered, I'm not as worried about it getting wet. Plus, for the cost of a large dropcloth from HD or Lowe's, if it lasts just one summer I'll find another way to repurpose it.

Here are some sweet inspiration pics:
via Martha Stewart
I love the zebra design and shape on this:

via Gorgeous Shiny Things
This pattern would be fun for a very colorful deck like I am doing:
via Lovely Crafty Home
Can't go wrong with stripes!
via Be Different Act Normal
Ok, I hope this goes well.  I need to be patient for I am very un-patient when it comes to projects. 

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Karena said...

I can't wait to see your results, as I am thinking of doing the same thing!

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