Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little Dining Room Update

I'm not one to just let things be. After I had our hall bath wallpapered in blue grass cloth, I wanted to find a use for the leftover scraps.  My bird prints in the dining room needed a little sprucing up so I added a bit of the cloth as a fake mat for each one.  Frames are Target.

I had to use two scraps for this one and I varied the pattern.  It gives it even more texture and depth!  One day I will trim off the edges of the print cleanly for a nice crisp look.  I've never had the patience/motivation to do it yet.

(Sorry for the reflection.  My hub's fancy Nikon can't compensate for my crappy photo skills)

I also threw up some no-sew panels out of some $5/yard ikat I came across. YoungHouseLove just made some for their dining room out of another colorway!) Drapery hooks + rings are my favorite thing now. They make homemade panels look professional!

And the view into the dining room from the living room. The dining room table is off center becuase there's a big old china cabinet out of frame that's taking up space on the left hand side of the room.  Once I knock out that wall, I'm moving it to the right hand side (the patterned wall).

We have a giant hydrangea plant in our backyard that is seriously in bloom right now.  Makes for a cheap centerpiece!


Anne said...

Love those curtains - they're exactly what I want for my bedroom - could you tell me where you got the fabric? I live in the area.

Also - those bird prints are awesome!

Brand New and Beautiful said...

Anne - I got the fabric from the discount bin at Hancock's. The birds are from a Taschen calendar!